Emerilware Pro Clad Stainless Steel Tri-Ply 12-Piece Cookware Set

Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set

Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set

If you want to take your cooking to the next level, then you must cook with with Emeril’s Pro Clad cookware Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set. It is made to please the most demanding home and professional cooks. This collection features a professional tri-ply bonded stainless steel and aluminum construction and comes high polished stainless finish and easy to clean.The handle of the set are ergonomically designed and rests comfortably in your hand for ultimate for control and leverage. The pans also has a rim that keeps spills and drips to a minimum, thanks specifically designed for mess-free pouring. This Pro Clad cookware is oven safe up to 550F and glass lids are oven safe for 350 F degree. It also has tempered glass lids for easy monitor to check cooking progress.Emeril’s Pro-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless line of cookware is very strong, durable and features a thick aluminum core bonded between two layers of stainless steel for fast, even heating and optimal cooking results. This 12 piece cookware set comes with wide and ergonomically designed handles that offer a secure grip and comes with stainless-steel rivets and caps that are permanently attached. The rim of pans allow for easy drip-free pouring. To clean this set’s pieces, all you have to do is place cookware in the dishwasher or you can wash by hand in hot soapy water and dry thoroughly. The cookware carries a limited lifetime warranty.

What is included in the Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set?

The 12-piece set includes the following:

  • 10-inch fry pan
  • 1.5-quart sauce pan
  • 2.5-quart sauce pan
  • 3-quart saute pan,
  • 6-quart dutch oven
  • steamer insert
  • 4 lids for pans and dutch oven
  • Steamer insert
  • Colander

You can cook with confidence when using this reliable cookware set, and it offers a many of everyday cooking essentials. The frying pan has a wide base and gently curved sides for flipping food, such as sliding an omelet or grilled cheese sandwich easily from the pan to a plate. The saucepans are great for making breakfast oatmeal, heating up soup, or making homemade marinara sauce. The deep-sided saute pan works well for cooking one pot meals. You can use deep saute’ pan by browning meats or sauteing onions, then add liquid and other ingredients to finish on the stovetop or in the oven. The set’s Dutch oven can hold a heap of chili or vegetable soup or be used for boiling pasta, and the steamer insert fits securely in the pot for steam-cooking vegetables, and more. Emeril also have nonstick line as well as seen here:Emeril Hard Anodized Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set too.

All Clad brand cookware and Emeril together have come up with this product, result is it is triple layer stainless steel cookware with Heat conductive Aluminum core, quality of All Clad brand that is affordable for many. Many times, you can get in deal online you can  get it shipped to comfort of your home. Cookware pieces are heavy but not too heavy for little woman of 5 feet 3 inches to hold during cooking process.

One thing I like about this set is glass lids that lets me see food without having to open to lid and let the steam escape. Handles are easy to grip and hold and does not heat up. This set is oven safe (with lids are oven safe only until 350 degree, so take those lids out if you going to bake something at higher temperature. This emeril cookware set includes all basic cookware pieces needed to do most cooking.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs about 23 pounds.

What we like about Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set.

  • 10 pieces includes a dutch oven
  • Thick aluminum core between stainless steel
  • Triple Ply, Clad cookware
  • ergonomically designed handles
  • Tempered-glass lids for easy viewing
  • Tight fitting lids to cook in its steam
  • Limited life time warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to hand wash as well
  • Safe to use in oven (up to 550 F degree)
  • Easy drip free pouring rim
  • Lids are safe in oven (up to 350 F degree)
  • Even heating maintained
  • Great for low to medium heat cooking
  • Colander Included
  • Steamer insert to steam veggies

Things to consider:

  • To avoid pitting, add salt after boiling water
  • High heat can cause a discoloration on pots and pan
  • You can use bar keepers’s friend cleaner for discoloration (about $2)
  • To keep the shiny finish, hand washing is must
  • Some food may stick at bottom such as eggs

Pro-Clad Tri-ply  Stainless Cookware Care & Use for Long Lasting Cookware Set

Before first use:

  • Wash in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry.


  • Low to medium heat offers best cooking performance
  • Use high heat only for boiling or reducing liquids
  • Medium to medium-high heat for sautéing, stir frying and frying
  • Low heat for warming food, simmering and preparing delicate sauces
  • Pans are oven safe

Frying Without Natural Fats:

  • Add oil, butter, or margarine to the cold pot; just enough to cover the bottom surface
  • Preheat over low heat 1 to 2 minutes. Add food for frying. If sticking is a problem, check:
  • Is your stove level?
  • Is your pot clean?
  • Is your heat set too high?
  • Low to medium heat setting is recommended for optimal cooking performance

Salt Damage:

  • To avoid small white dots or pits from forming, bring liquids to a boil before adding salt, then stir well. Or, add salt after food has started to cook. Pitting does not interfere with cooking performance but can diminish the beauty of the stainless steel.

Emeril Pro Clad Information by Chef Emeril Himself:

Cheaper to buy whole set or Individual pieces?

Based on our calculations you could be easily spending up to over $100 per piece when you buy each piece individually, based on today’s price. It is better to buy the whole set.

How much does this sets sells for and where to get the best price?

This set sells anywhere from $275 to $350 price range. Check cooking.com for current pricing Emerilware from All-Clad 12-pc. Pro-Clad Cookware Set (From Cooking.com) as well for comparison. We have found best value price from Amazon as shown below;

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Emerilware from All-Clad 12 Piece Pro Clad Cookware Set

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