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My grandmother and mother always used pressure cooker daily to cook so having pressure cooker was as normal for me as having cereal for breakfast. However, I really never gave it much thought until later when I graduated, moved out and started living alone. I did not want to buy pressure cooker, so I cooked in pots and pans and realized that pressure cooker so quick and time savior.

My Mom’s Pressure Cooker and Canner : see Review

So, I asked my mom for pressure cooker tips and recipe as since then my lovely grandmother has passed away sadly. My mom has been using All American Pressure Cooker and Canner for 24 years (Yes, same one!) and so I got the same version only smaller as I was the only one in my apartment. Since then I have bought a larger size pressure cooker, so I can cook extra food for freezing and canning and it works well. I made rice, grains in my pressure cooker, but I wanted more. So when a friend recommended this big Pressure cooker recipe book, I had to check it out and bought one for myself. Now I can cook not only what my mom used to make but also many new great recipes that I can show off to my mom when she comes over to visit. Hopefully, I can pass it down to my next generation the pressure cooker and recipe know how.


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The Ultimate Pressure-Cooker Cookbook

Nobody knows more about pressure cookers than Vickie Smith, creator of the leading pressure-cooker Web site, Now, at last, Miss Vickie has gathered all of her pressure-cooker wisdom into a book. Whether you’re a pressure-cooker newcomer or a longtime fan, you’ll find all the recipes, techniques, and tips you need for a lifetime of great pressure-cooker meals.

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes is jam-packed with nearly 400 fast, tasty, foolproof recipes, ranging from one-pot meals like Chicken and Rice with Mushrooms to Sweet and Sour Pork, Navy Bean Soup, and Chocolate Malt Cheesecake. Miss Vickie’s detailed recipe instructions and special techniques, such as “pan in pot” pressure cooking, guarantee that each dish comes out perfectly cooked–and perfectly delicious.

But Miss Vickie gives you more than just great recipes. Her book also provides in-depth guidance on every aspect of choosing and using a pressure cooker, including

  • A buyers’ guide to modern pressure cookers
  • Step-by-step pressure-cooker instructions
  • Pressure-cooker safety
  • Basic and advanced pressure-cooking techniques
  • Common mistakes in pressure cookery
  • Adapting recipes to the pressure cooker
  • Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting

Bread Pudding: By Author Ms Vickie (Source Amazon)

Peas Risotto : Pressure cooker Recipe Source: Author Ms. Vickie Amazon


Offering hundreds of recipes that are proven to work–and proven delicious–plus plain-English answers to all of your pressure-cooker questions, Miss Vickie has created the single most useful pressure-cooker book ever published. It’s a resource you’ll turn to again and again as you explore the world of pressure-cooker possibilities and pleasures.
I strongly recommend using Pressure cooking for healthier, quick cooking that retains most vitamins and nutrients and get this recipe book for great recipe ideas and tips.

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