Nesco PC6-25P 6-Quart Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker, Stainless Steel

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  • 6-quart Pressure Cooker with automatically locking lid
  • LED display and soft touch buttons
  • Programmable with presets
  • Delayed start up to 8 hours
  • Cool-touch lid and handles.
  • Both model PC6-25P and PC6-25(available inside) are the same.

3-in-1 Digital Electric Pressure Cooker

This Nesco Digital Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker has everything you need to make delicious meals fast. And they’ll taste like they were slow cooked. It can pressure cook, slow cook, brown, steam and warm – all in one convenient appliance. It’s ideal for making healthy meals; delicious homemade soups, stews and chili. Fish, chicken, and vegetables cook to perfection in just minutes. Pressure cooking preserves flavors and nutrients and speed cooks inexpensive cuts of meat into great tasting meals. Stainless Steel body and lid makes for an attractive, durable appliance.

PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker

Programmable with Presets


  • 3-in-1 Cooker cuts cooking time by up to 70-percent
  • Self locking lid with automatic or manual pressure release
  • LED display and soft touch buttons
  • Programmable with presets
  • Delayed start up to 8 hours
  • Cool-touch lid and handles
  • Removable dishwasher-safe non-stick cooking insert
  • Slow cook up to 9.5 hours
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
  • Cooking rack/trivet

Detailed Highlights:

6 Quart Pressure Cooker features

A state-of-art digital control panel that gives you complete cooking control. With the control panel, you can set precise cooking times, cooking method and cooking pressure. For convenience, the Cooker can also be programmed to delay the start of cooking. Also features a WARM setting that can be used to keep cooked foods warm or reheat foods. Presets automatically switch to keep warm mode after the time expires.

PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker

Self-Locking Lid
3-in-1 Cooker

Cuts cooking time by up to 70-percent and performs several functions: pressure cook, slow cook, steam, brown and warm.

Safety features include

Self-locking lid with automatic or manual pressure release valve and stay-cool handles prevent burns.

Make delicious meals fast

Makes meals 70-percent faster than conventional cooking, which makes this a must for two career families.

PC6-25P Digital Electric Pressure Cooker

Cool Touch Lid and Handles

Hints and Tips for cooking in your Pressure Cooker

To ensure best cooking performance when pressure cooking, always make sure the recipe calls for at least 1 cup (8 oz.) of water or other liquid so enough steam can be generated to create pressure.

When using HIGH or LOW pressure settings, timer will not start counting down until sufficient steam pressure is generated.

When pressure cooking, if you are not sure how much cooking time is necessary, it is better to under cook. Then use quick release method, remove Lid and check for doneness.

Never fill Removable Cooking Pot more than half full with food or 2/3 full with liquid. The NESCO Professional 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker must have enough liquid to create steam or food will not cook properly.

If the 4-in-1 Cooker and other appliance(s) are plugged into same electrical outlet, an electrical overload may occur, causing the circuit breaker to open. Make sure the 4-in-1 Cooker is plugged into a separate 120 volt electrical outlet.

Tougher, less expensive cuts of meats are better suited for your NESCO 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker because steam pressure helps break down tough fibers in meat making it more tender and palatable.

Fresh fruit should be cooked under low pressure.

Also see:

When pressure cooking beans, add a teaspoon of oil to water to reduce amount of foaming.

Any liquid such as oils, oil-based marinades and dressings should not be used in NESCO 4-in-1 Pressure Cooker.

Liquids that contain water can be used when pressure cooking. These include wine, beer, stocks, tomato and other vegetable and fruit juices. Wine must be mixed with an equivalent amount of water because it evaporates quickly during cooking.

NOTE: The boiling point of water decreases as altitude increases, and this changes your 4-in-1 Cooker’s performance. When pressure cooking at higher altitudes, the following will apply: Add 5-percent to cooking time for every 1,000 feet above first 2,000 feet.

Example: At 3,000 feet add 5-percent; 4,000 feet add 10-percent; 5,000 feet add 15-percent; etc.

Remember, the longer you cook, the more liquid needs to be added to the 4-in-1 Cooker.

Things to consider:

Some customers have an issues with pressure cooker stopped working. disappointment people showed in other models was likely due to their cooker only coming up to 9 to 11psi on the high side, creating a MAJOR problem with food being undercooked and requiring more time. Thankfully, recipes written for a stovetop model should do great in this cooker without having to fiddle with and refigure cooking times because of insufficient pressure.

Another thing I really like about this cooker is the fact it doesn’t have “pre-set programs” you can’t override. I may not want it to cook a full 30 minutes. I may only want to cook 20 or 25 and then add veggies and cook another 2 or 3 minutes – it can be programmed according to YOUR specifications – not that of some engineer. YOU program the cooker for exactly how many minutes YOU want.

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